About Us

Our history

      Chengdu Sciobio Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in March 2015. In October 2017, the company underwent a commercial and financial restructuring to become an entity that focuses on medical devices, personalized cosmetics, tissue regeneration, disinfection products, membrane protein, stem cell therapy, 3D printing, and innovative medicine research and development. The company is a technology platform with sales and production functions. It is located in the National University Science Park Incubator of Sichuan University, and is divided into the Sciobio Science Research Institute, the Sciobio Product Center, the Sciobio Capital Operation Center and the Sciobio Big Data Cloud Center. There is a production base of Scibio Wenjiang built in accordance with GMP requirements.
     As an innovative technology company that’s based on originality, research and development, and customer-orientation, Sciobio offers products for medical institutions that provides a healing and repairing environment, and promotes wound healing and recovery for shallow injuries. This involves the cleaning, rinsing and protecting of wound healing, refractory wounds, infected wounds, shallow wounds (dermis layer or above), cuts, bruises, infection and ulcers.
    In order to face humanity’s key challenges, Sciobio has actively worked on research and development and production to deal with clinically drug-resistant bacteria, such as super bacteria and extremely contagious viruses such as bird flu, Zika, HIV, by experimenting with new methods, strategies and means.
    Sciobio also provides personalized and customized cosmetics products and technical consulting services for beauty institutions and individuals, and produces customized products and personalized programs that are safe and effective, which are tailored to individual genetic characteristics and external skin quality for beauty lovers.
    Sciobio integrates cutting-edge technology and delivers a series of advanced experimental research and development, industrial technology programs, state-of-the-art intermediaries and new drug precursors to pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions. Through specific, efficient, innovative and unique technologies and service programs, Sciobio helps global customers quickly obtain targeted drugs and membrane protein drug receptors. The service scope includes new intermediaries, program design, platform establishment and technical evaluation. Sciobio offers new products and technologies for pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions, and explore the forefront of science and technology;
    The new chromatographic separation technology and platform developed by Sciobio, including new separation equipment and new separation media are key technologies, products and equipment in the field of biopharmaceuticals. These are widely used in the separation and purification process such as Chinese herbal medicines, natural products, polypeptides, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines and blood products. Its products and technologies can shorten the R & D cycle and cost of the corresponding system. It builds a strong technical support for corresponding enterprises and research institutions.
    Sciobio has integrated services for corresponding products and series, including production, research and development, sales, product big data analysis, cloud platform services, unique big data and cloud biological analysis system, process research and development system, vaccine antibody and biological diagnostic reagent, and preclinical product research and development.
    Sciobio's survival, development and growth are due to its scientific and technological team that continuously adheres to the principle of original development and its close cooperation with world-class scientists and academicians. This is also Sciobio’s source and foundation for innovation and development. The industries Sciobio will emphasize on in the future include: bio - medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices, specialized medicine, third-party professional services, new medical and health services, precision medicine and mobile medicine, medical big data and cloud medicine. With health service as the impetus, health innovation as the support and health manufacturing as the supplement to realize the industrial chain layout linking research and development, manufacturing and application of biomedical industry.