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Company overview

March 2015: Establishment of Sciobio Bio. Company
May 2015: First shareholders meeting held in Chengdu
October 2015: Website framework online
October 2015: 3D culture cell culture nanomaterials listed
November 2015: 3D Bio-print Ink launched
November 2015: Chromatographic purification products and equipment launched
November 2015: New Drug Development Cell Three-Dimensional screening Technology launched
November 2015: Development strategic planning framework established
December 2015: Second shareholders meeting in Zhengzhou
April 2016: Support the high level academic conference of Sichuan province cell biology society 9th general meeting and 10th academic conference
May 2016: Support the sixth China Conference on Medical Cell Biology: the sixth China Conference on Medical Cell Biology
May 2016: Corporate sponsorship and support for the International Top academic Conference: Proteins and Peptides: Structure, Function and Biotechnology, University of Genève, Switzerland; R& D Innovation Center, Menicon Co. Ltd, Gen è ve, Switzerland; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
October 2017: Welcome Strategic shareholder Mr Li to join in Sciobio
March 2018: Wenjiang Factory to start an Environmental, Safety evaluation, Occupational Health Assessment
August 2018: Wenjiang Factory base pass Environmental assessment, safety assessment, Occupational health Assessment
September 2018: Wenjiang Factory GMP style start to design
September 2018: Two production line equipments to design
December 2018: Wenjiang Factory GMP standard factory completed
December 2018: Two production lines located in Wenjiang Factory GMP standard factory
December 2018: All shareholders of Sciobio successfully held a general meeting
January 2019: Wenjiang Factory GMP standard air quality Assessment and testing
January 2019: Part of the product approval declaration
January 2019: Part of the product approval was approved